The Family - The Influence Of Migration

What is migration? What does it influence? Use these revision cards to study the influence of migration

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What Is Migration?


The direct definition of "Migration" - the movement of people either nationallys from one region to another or internationally from one country to another.

About Migration:

People have been migrating from other countries to Britain for many centuries. For example, many migrants came from Ireland and after the Second World War, there was migration from former colonies such as India and Pakistan. In London today, over 300 languages are spoken, making Britain home to a rich mix of ethnic, cultural and religious groups.

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The Influence of Migration on The Family

Influence on The Family and Family Relationships:

People from different ethnic, relgious or cultural groups have a wide variation family traditions and values. These values will influence the relationships between members of a family. Because of the great number of immigrants in Britain, these values have been widely spread accross the country and influenced many people. People of different ethnic backgrounds have married into white British families and introduced their traditions and values into British culture.   

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The Influence of Migration on Marriage

Migration and Marriage:

Many immigrants arrive from countries accross the world where different religions and traditions dominate the country's culture. Therefore, they are used to their own way of life when they arrive in Britain. Throughout religion, there is a wide variation of marriage traditions and each one differs from the next. When two different people from different ethnic backgrounds wish to be married, both parties will incorporate marriage traditions into their wedding from their own religion or culture. This influences marriage nationally around Britain.

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The Influence of Migration on Marriage Patterns

Migration and Marriage Patterns:

Many people who migrate to Britain are religious and have rules to follow in their religion. Many religions teach that we have a duty to marry and procreate during our time on Earth. When these religious citizens enter our country, marriage is sure to increase. Being highly religious, immigrants will look to marry and procreate during their time in the country.

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