Educational achievement: External factors

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  • Educational achievement: External factors
    • Education Policies Influences how well pupils do. EXAMPLE: A levels' removal of modular examinations and coursework may make it easier for those who excel in those areas.
    • Material deprivation Lack of money can mean cold, overcrowded homes, an inadequate level of nutrition as well as a lack of books and equipment they need for school
      • Douglas (1964) Poverty play an important factor in low achievement.'unsatisfying living conditionsstrongly affected the educational success of poorer children
      • Overcrowding makes it more difficult for the child to study
    • Parents' attitude the amount of interest and encouragement. Some parents do not have the education themselves to encourage children to succeed in school
    • Socialisation Passing on the norms, attitudes and values of society. Main influence is family.  They learn how to communicate with others, how to eat and the differences between right and wrong
    • Cultural deprivation Some families don't socialise their children to the standards expected by society. they lack the 'basic cultural equipment' such as language and speaking skills. There fore the students often don't succeed in school.
    • Job market not everyone can achieve the top jobs. There are more opportunities for women today than men, which influences their attitude
    • Language those whose first language isn't English have a disadvantages as it makes it harder to succeed


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