The elections 1968-2000



Richard Nixon (43.4%), Hubert Humphrey (42.7%), George Wallace (13.5%)

Why did Nixon win? Failing of the Democrats: Johnson and the Vietnam War, 30th Jan 1968 - Tet Offensive. Saigon (capital) attacked US Embassy to show who has the most control, Johnson became so unpopular. "Never overpromise and underdeliver" -> lots of money on military, inflation: 1961 - 1.3% ; 1968: 4.4%, year of economic crisis. Humphrey was unpopular because he wanted to see out war/"another johnson" was the VP. Chicago National Convention:  tens of thousands of Vietnam War protesters battle police in the streets, while the Democratic Party falls apart over an internal disagreement concerning its stance on Vietnam.

> Republican Campaign: Middle America/Law and Order/Southern Strategy/Spiro Agnew(VP - wasnt well known) Nixon supported limiting federal government intrusion into their regions affairs after Johnson passing the act for blacks to vote in South(1965). He assured them his administration would not ram anything down your throats,  opposed school busing, promised to appoint strict constructionists to the Supreme Court, and opposed federal intervention in local school affairs

> Wallace: pushed Nixon to the right/RACIST, Curtis LeMay unpopular(bomb Vietnam) PRO-WAR "outniggered"

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1972 American Elections

Richard Nixon (60.7%) + George McGovern (37.5%)

Why did Nixon win? Failings of the Democrats: Muskie pulled out, assassination attempt on Wallace, Edward Kennedy Scandal so McGovern (AAA) too far left. Nov 1971: "Nixon Phone Torture": Tricks on the Muskie Phone System November 9th - the phones rang but when picking up, nothing was there but a phone ringing on the other end. An office was asked for an LSD drug that could be slipped into the lemonade of the Democratic orators, causing them to act ridiculous. Muskie lost in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. Assassination attempt on Wallace - shot 4 times at a close range, abdomen and chest. Dangerous president if he became one. Lots of haters. Edward Kennedy scandal: Chappaquiddick Incident after the Massachusetts island where it took place, the scandal in 1969 broke the Kennedy grip on the White House. A drunk Ted had been driving back from a party to the family 'compound' on Martha's Vineyard when he veered off a bridge and into a deep tidal dyke. McGovern: Abortion, Amnesty(war should be ended) and Acid (legalisation of Cannabis)

Nixon's Successes: Law and order "District of Columbia Crime Act" 1970 "no knock" search and seizure. SALT may 26 1972 limit nuclear missiles - "Peace is at hand", Communist China- Nixon announces he will visit them, shock - Vietnam war?! Allies and trade partners. Southern Strategy: slowed desegregation - busing - worked. "Black Panther" hated by white. Mothers =veto child dev.act

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1976 America elections

Jimmy Carter (50.1%), Gerald Ford (40.8%)

Why did they win? Failings of Republicans: Watergate and Nixon (John Mitchell - helped manage Nixon's campaign 1968) approved wiretraps, anti-war protestors - block publication, CREEP had members that helped Nixon (FBI/CIA/counsel) stole money, bugged telephones and Nixon covered when asked to give tapes to Congress. Ford vs Congress: tax increases, vetoed 66 bills in 29 months presidency $16 billion tax cut, congress agreed to $7 and he took it. No direction. The pardon of Nixon: American tragedy, Ford was Christian and felt guilty, election prospects. WIN: Whip Inflation Now - eg food prices and petroleum. $16 billion of foreign sources (oil) - own production.
 Helsinki conference: Ford said things supporting communism. Didn't correct it. Reagan - against ford.

Carter: Penut Brigade, press-hated Ford so made much of his gaffes. People from South Georgia near Carter's hometown - believed in his intellect. Not well known nationally, good. "he plotted very intelligently" campaign through speeches and Iowa appearances. New Hampshire and little money/less press - no bad press. No history with Congress - did well. New face to escape watergate and Ford's failures

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