Vietnam 1950-1973 timeline and events (improved edition)

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TRUMAN (1945-1953)
Truman Doctrine 1947
Justifying $4 million aid to Greece and Turkey
National Security Act 1947
Set up National Security Council (Foreign policy experts who advice President)
Set up CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)
Marshall Plan 1947
Help European economies recover
Domino effect fear
1947-1951 cost $12 billion- only 12 countries accepted
NATO formed in 1949
China falls to Communism 1949
China and Russia form alliance (1950) MONOLITHIC BLOC
USSR moves into power Vacuums in Europe
Truman seen as `soft' on communism
1st Indochina War
Assisted French against Vietminh
Recognized French puppet, Bao Dai as leader of Vietnam
Gave 10,000 tonnes military hardware to French a month
MAAG ( Military Assistance Advisory Group)
By 1954 US paying for 80% war effort, cost $2 billion
EISENHOWER (1953­1960)
`A new Administration'
Appoints strong anti-communist U.S secretary of state Dulles (albeit, pragmatic)
Wants to reign in arms spending (after Korea)
Gave $385 million to French and $billions to Diem
Refused to use Atomic Bomb ­ `we can't use those awful things on Asians for the
second time in 10 years!'
Nation Building 1954-1960
Gave aid to South Vietnam to promote social and economic reforms, winning Diem a
popular regime
Essential they win support for govt and to keep people ideologically capitalist (domino

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Not very successful Diem used money to finance his own personal power and ignored US
advisors.…read more

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Immediately increased defence spending by $16 billion and increased nuclear arsenal 1960
Appointed McNamara as an advisor (Hawk)
Reduced statistics by eliminating human factor
Militant against communism
1961 Military rose from $220-262 million
End of 1963 $1.5 million a day to Diem
Counter insurgency `Green Berets'
Military `advisors' : 800 (1961) to 12,000 (1962)
1962 MACV (Military Assistance Command, Vietnam)
Designed to co-ordinate US activity and reduce insurgency threat through use of
defoliants and napalm
Replaced MAAG.…read more

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ARVN troops and 113 armoured US personnel helicopters, carriers and bombers
(+advisors) surround Ap Bac
US+ARVN unaware of the 350 guerrillas
ARVN troops refuse to fight, 5 US helicopters and pilots were lost
Shows that in early 1963 even with US support, Diem incapable of winning the war
Caused unprecedented attention to the US
Buddhist Crisis Spring 1963
Diem banned flags for Buddha's birthday
10,000 Buddha's protested
Diem sent troops- 7 Buddhists killed
Acted as a rallying point for other protests- e.…read more

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Regiments of PAVN (Peoples Army of Vietnam) began to invade South
Armed with Soviet and Chinese anti-aircraft weaponry
Popular support among peasants
Controlled ½ S.…read more

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Home front feared a stalemate situation; anti-war parties & movements grew (university
students/Draft dodging) & opposed Johnson in upcoming presidential elections & did not
NIXON (1968 -1973)
The Nixon Doctrine 1968: Nations are responsible for their own defence
Implied intention to withdraw for Vietnam
`Peace with honour'
Reduce no. US troops and increase no.…read more

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Invasion Of Cambodia 1970
The Spring Offensive 1972
The Paris Peace Agreement JAN 1973…read more


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