Presidential Civil Rights 1968-2001

Civil Rights over each of the Presidents:



Marraige & birth


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Nixon 1968-1972-1974

(majority of significant work done in his first term in office)

  • ERA Passed (Equal Rights Acmmendmen, giving more rights to women)
  • Gave more women jobs in Gov. (Supreme court judge: Rita Ushr)
  • Philadelphia PLan 1970 (goals needed to be met on hiring minorities such as African Americans)
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Act
  • No gay marraige
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Ford 1974-1977

Basically did very little to help

  • Betty Ford Centre (refuge for women)
  • WOMEN: 

Most on poverty

Only 73% of men's wages in same job

Dominated low paid jobs and poverty among adults

Entered more masculine jobs

  • Ford did nothing fopr women
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Carter 1977-1981

  • Appointed black & hispanic judges
  • Increased number of black state employees by just under 2,000
  • Double female cabinet member

Although not huge changes, it was a start and shoed that covil rights and America overall were moving forward

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Reagan 1981-1984-1989

  • Opposition for 1996 election Dole had Vice President female (Husband had $ trouble and comments on being too busy with her nails to do work) Ment Reagan had extra support, but showed that females had difficulty in specific lines of work. 
  • Slow to deal with AID's (tried to promote absitnance like pre-dicesors)
  • Opposed abortion (winning him over the New Right)
  • Accused of racism & homophobis 
  • Increase in teen pregnancies
  • Rich got richer & poor got poorer
  • Medicare only offered partial nsurance & mostly only  to those who could afford it leaving 14% with no health insurance

Spending on welfare cut (as reducing Gov defeict, only reduced to certain extent)

cut: spending defence

HOWEVER reduced tax rates 25% over 3 years

  • supporting school prayer
  • difficult for abortion
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Bush 1989-1993

  • Women began to campaign for laws and regulations
  • Bush made it difficult for abortions (managed to get some ststes to ban abortion clinics)
  • Rodney King beaten to death, little punnishment for mudreders= HUGE riots
  • Flag burning legalised (as people had a right to dow hat they wanted, nagative as it symbolised hatred and frustration towards America & it's government)
  • Race riots: 55 dead, 2,300 injured & in 1992, 4,000 houses burned due to Rodney King's death
  • Looked into AID's (New Right did not like this)

Thomas Clorance: Supreme Judge 2nd African American. However no great accomlpishment as:


Sexual harrasment


did not support minimum wage

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Clinton 1993-1996-2001

  • Reduced welfare (New Rion (New Right Happy)
  • Denied help to immigrants unless citizens of USA (needed to reduce spending)
  • Popular with women
  • supported Abortion (reversed Bush's anti-abortion acts)
  • Hilary Clinton supprted her husband (knowledgable within government)
  • No granted lifetime support for single mothers
  • Rising female employment
  • Popular with africa americans
  • Tentative support for affirmitive action (prevent exclusion from employment based on descrimination of race, gander or disability)
  • Abortion rose
  • Rights of gays rose
  • Divorce rose
  • Religious importance declined
  • Illegitimate babies born (69% Black & 27% White)
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