The doctor's role, Social worker's role, The value base of care work and Confidentiality in care work

The doctor's role

  • Diagnose nature of problems
  • Prescribe medication
  • Carry out specialist medical and surgical treatments
  • Listen to and counsel patients
  • Give health advice
  • Monitor health
  • Make referrals to specialist services
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Social worker's role

  • Assess personal and social needs
  • Provide advice and counselling
  • Provide advice about benefits and financial matters
  • Arrange personal care and support
  • Provide emotional support
  • Purchase care for clients
  • Liaise with other care professionals
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The value base of care work

Examples of the values that care workers are expected to understand and put into practice include:

  • Promoting anti - discriminatory practice
  • Maintaining confidentiality of information
  • Promoting and supporting individuals' rights (to dignity, independence and safety)
  • Acknowledging individuals' personal beliefs and identity
  • Protecting individuals from abuse
  • Promoting effective communication and relationships
  • Providing individualised care
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Confidentiality in the care work

When service users request that what is kept secret, this can be overridden if:

  • What they reveal involves them breaking the law or planning to do so
  • They say that they intend to harm themselves or another person
  • They reveal information that can be used to protect another person from harm 
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