The Biological Approach - Basic Assumptions


The first assumption of Biological Approach

Genes influence our behaviour.

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The second Assumption of Biological Approach

Biological structures, such as the brain and the nervous system are the most important systems for production of behaviour and experinces of mental events. 

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The third Assumption of Biological Approach

Brain chemistry influences behaviour - chemical processes in the brain are responsible for psychological functioning and an imbalance of chemicals in the brain may cause certain types of mental disorders e.g. schziophrenia. 

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The fourth Assumption of Biological Approach

Human haves evolved biologically through darwinian evolution and have much in common with other animals - especially those close to us on the 'evolutionary tree'.

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The fifth Assumption of Biological Approach

There is behavioural continuity between species, meaning it makes sense to study animal species and make generalisations to humans

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