The August Coup & Gorbachev's Fall

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Events of August Coup

  • 18th August 1991= G is swamped by the KGB & placed under house arrest.
  • Plotters declared a state of emergency renouncing Union Treaty & banning Glasnost newspapers.
  • Yeltsin is called for resistance of the coup & announced president of Russia.
  • Plotters accused of treason.
  • Yeltsin overtook control of the army whist the Soviet parliament met- decrees were cancelled.


  • G seemed to have some strength as he refused to give in.
  • Yeltsin was seen as heroic & a natural leader.
  • Resistance of ordinary people heightened as they began to fight for what they wanted.
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Gorbachev's fall

  • Although he was seen as a strong leader for not giving into resistance and resigning Yeltsin was the main reason for his fall.
  • Yeltsin's strength & saviour of the USSR in a crisis due to the August Coup essentally led to Gorbachev's overthrow as it was evident that G was doing nothing successful for the USSR.
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End of the USSR

  • 23rd Aug= parliament held a telivised session that showed Y criticising G over allowing conservatives to remain in parliament after the August coup.
  • 23rd Aug= Y suspends operations of the Communist Party & a few days later the Supreme Soviet declares the same of the USSR.
  • 24th Aug= G willingly resigns after seeing the damage he has effectively done and witnessing opposition against him as a leader.
  • 29th Aug= Supreme Soviet banned all activities by the Communist party.
  • Succession of Ukraine in Dec 1991 fnally kills off any prospect of a loosely federated Soviet surviving.
  • The new states began forming their armies.

IMPACT= Fall of communism, due to August Coup. It was the catalyst for the collapse but other factors such as Yeltsin, economic & political reforms and the system eled in favour of the collapse.

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