The 1932 presidential election (President Herbet Hoover).

Covers everything about Herbet Hoover; a president to the USA.

President Herbert Hoovers slip ups.

-In the 1932 election President Hoover paid the price for creating many problems of the Depression in the USA.

-Hoover tried to persuade business leaders not to cut wages but failed.

-In 1932 Hoover blocked the Garner-Wagner Relief Bill, which would of allowed Congress to provide $2.1 Billion to create jobs.

-Hoover and most Republicans said that business should be left alone to bring back prosperity-(wealth)

-In June 1932 servicemen who fought in WW1 asked for their war bonuses to be paid early. They camped outside the White House. Hoover appointed General Douglas MacArthur to handle the situation. MacArthur convinced himself that the servicemen were Communist agitators, Troops and police used tear gas and burned the marchers' camps.

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-A famous banner carried in a demonstration of Iowa farmers read: 'In Hoover we trusted and now we are busted.'

-He set up the 'Reconstruction Finance Company' which propped up banks to stop them going bankrupt.

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