Franklin D Roosevelt

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Franklin D Roosevelt
- Believed in an active government
- Democrat
- Served from 1933-45
- Governor of New York before president
- Was at Yalta
- Died on the 12th of April 1945
- Ran against Hoover in the 1932 elections
- Only president to win four terms
His presidential campaign
With such ill feeling towards Hoover being expressed throughout the country, Roosevelt was
confident of victory but he took no chances. He went on a grand train tour of the USA in the
weeks before the election and mercilessly attacked Hoover and the Republican's attitude.
Roosevelt's own plans were rather vague and general but he realised people wanted action.
All he said was that he was going to give people more jobs, provide support for the sick, old and
unemployed, protect people's property and get agriculture and industry back on their feet. In a
20,800 km campaign he made for 16 major speeches and another 60 from the back of his train.
He promised the people a `New Deal'. The election was a landslide victory for Roosevelt, he won
by 7 million votes and the Democrats won a majority of seats in congress. It was the worst defeat
the Republicans had ever suffered.


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