The Tiger's Bride- characters

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The Beast

A tiger disguised as a man that lives in a remote region of Italy alone except from his Valet. He wins the heroine from her father at cards and promises to return her and the rest f his winnings if he can se her naked.When she refuses he undresses for her instead and she eventually transforms into a tigress.

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A young Russian woman who her father loses to the Beast at a game of cards. While she is living with the Beast, she realises that men treat her as though she is an animal and in fact she feels closer to animals than to men. At the story's end the Beast licks off her skin to reveal that she is actually a Tigress

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Heroine's Father

A Russian man with a gambling addiction who loses his daughter and all of his posessions to the Beast at a game of cards.

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The Beast's servant, an ape disguised as a man who tends to the heroine while she is living with the Beast.

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A mechanical wind up maid that powders the heroine's cheeks and shows her her face in a mirror. She is called the heroine's twin because she resembles her so much.

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