The Bloody Chamber Quotes

Quotes from some stories in The Bloody Chamber, includes:

The Bloody Chamber; The Tiger's Bride; The Snow Child; The Company of Wolves; Lady of the House of Love


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The Bloody Chamber "the pounding of my heart mimicking that of the The thrusting of the train sounds
great pistons ceaselessly thrusting the train that very sexual and could suggest how
bore me...away from girlhood" although the narrator is physically
pure and virginal, her thoughts are
less pure. Further, it could be said
that at this point she desires to be
corrupted, and taken "away from
The Bloody Chamber "`Are you sure you love him?' `I'm sure I want to This could be used to argue that the
marry him,' I said." narrator always knew what she was
getting herself into as she never
loved the Marquis. OR it could
suggest that she retrospectively
blames herself for what happened.
The Bloody Chamber "My satin nightdress... now teasingly caressed me, Again showing the `impure' thoughts
egregious, insinuating, nudging between my thighs" and the suggestive temptations of
the narrator. Because this is so
suggestive, Carter could be using it
to invoke a shocked reaction in the
reader that the narrator should be so
dirtyminded, possibly showing how
society has made us believe that you
should not be so sexually sure or
that virginal, pure females shouldn't.
The Bloody Chamber "I saw him watching me in the gilded mirrors with Could be used to introduce the `male
the assessing eye of a connoisseur inspecting gaze' as mirrors are motif in the story
horseflesh" which the Marquis uses to
manipulate how the narrator sees
herself, often objectifying her. Carter
could also be using the mirrors to
reflect (lol) how women internalise
societies ideals and come to believe
this as they cannot separate
selfknowledge from what they have
been moulded to believe.
"gilded" could link to the
manipulation aspect and the way
that she analogises herself with
"horseflesh" can show the
The Bloody Chamber "Into marriage, into exile... henceforth, I would Suggests that the narrator knows
always be lonely" what she is getting herself into.
Or foreshadows how she will always
feel separated from others through
her experience like a rape victim
The Bloody Chamber "His face was as still as ever I'd seen it, still as a Gothic imagery, presents the
pond iced thickly over" Marquis as a cold person ?
The Bloody Chamber "so many mirrors! Mirrors on the walls in stately The male gaze point.
frames of contorted gold" "contorted gold" again shows how
the Marquis manipulates how the
narrator sees herself.
The Bloody Chamber "He stripped me, gourmand that he was, as if he The narrator objectifies herself
were stripping the leaves off an artichoke" through imagining what he sees.
The Bloody Chamber "the child with her sticklike limbs" How the narrator sees herself in the
mirror. Strongly contrasts her
character when she finds her "nerves
and will".
The Bloody Chamber "bare as a lamb chop" Objectified and stripped down to
believe she is weak and can be

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The Bloody Chamber "my purchaser unwrapped his bargain" Objectification
The Bloody Chamber "the girl with tears hanging on her cheeks like stuck Really vivid description.…read more

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The Tiger's Bride "I struck The Beast to the heart!... one single tear
swelled, glittering, at the corner of the masked eye"
The Tiger's Bride "You are a woman of honour.…read more

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The Lady of the House "now she is a woman, she must have men"
of Love
The Lady of the House "hunger always overcomes her"
of Love
The Lady of the House "We shall turn her into the lovely girl she is I shall
of Love cure her of all these nightmares"
The Lady of the House "In death, she looked far older, less beautiful and
of Love so, for the first time, fully human"
The Company of "The wolf is carnivore incarnate and he's…read more


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