The Bloody Chamber Quotes

Quotes from some stories in The Bloody Chamber, includes:

The Bloody Chamber; The Tiger's Bride; The Snow Child; The Company of Wolves; Lady of the House of Love


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Story Quote
The Bloody Chamber "the pounding of my heart mimicking that of the The thrusting of the train sounds
great pistons ceaselessly thrusting the train that very sexual and could suggest how
bore me...away from girlhood" although the narrator is physically
pure and virginal, her thoughts are
less pure.…

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The Bloody Chamber "my purchaser unwrapped his bargain" Objectification
The Bloody Chamber "the girl with tears hanging on her cheeks like stuck Really vivid description. Again Carter
pearls, her cunt a split fig below the great globes of could use this to invoke a reaction of
her buttocks on which…

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The Tiger's Bride "I struck The Beast to the heart!... one single tear
swelled, glittering, at the corner of the masked eye"
The Tiger's Bride "You are a woman of honour."
The Tiger's Bride "`Nothing human lives here,' said the valet"
The Tiger's Bride "Take off my clothes for you,…

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The Lady of the House "now she is a woman, she must have men"
of Love
The Lady of the House "hunger always overcomes her"
of Love
The Lady of the House "We shall turn her into the lovely girl she is I shall
of Love cure her of all…


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