Is The Tiger Bride 'Merely Shocking'

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Is the Tiger’s Bride ‘merely shocking’?

·         AO2 – The first person metadiagetic narrative tells the protagonist’s story from her own perspective, which argues against the idea that the text is ‘shocking’ in regards to the repression of female characters and the feminine voice, as the retrospect given suggests the girl has control in her life and is able to voice her experience in her own words.

·         AO3- Some may interpret her father’s apparent lack of emotion/thought when handing his daughter over at the hands of the ‘cards’ (in contrast to the father’s behaviour in Mr Lyon’s courtship where the father unwillingly has to sacrifice his daughter out of love) could be deemed as shocking as he displays little remorse for his actions. However, some critics argue that this is simply not ‘shocking’ as women are still objectified and sold in modern society, particularly in religions where women are valued less than men, thus the father’s lack of emotion is not ‘shocking’, it is a custom.

·         The girl does form some sort of relationship with the Tiger that reduces the ‘shocking’ attributes of the text. When they are in the woods, she reaches an epiphany that men view women as having no souls, ‘the six of us, mounts and riders both could boast amongst us not one soul’, however when she is stripped to her bare naked form, the tiger does not objectify her in such a way, and she realises that in animal form they are equal, and that there


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