The Returned media language essay points (15 marker)


  • dead characters return back to modern world
  • Camille returns home and makes sandwich in her kitchen
  • completely shocks mother, Claire 
  • technique of Todorovian disruption as narrative becomes disrupted by unexpected event, changing current narrative's flow
  • creates enigma as audience uncertain how episode will end
  • persuasion to continue with episode and series. 
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  • style of music creates feel for genre 
  • motif soundtrack played when dead characters return 
  • technique of continuity used to signify event that becomes more familiar with viewer as episode plays on
  • allows viewer to easily identify when new dead character is going to return
  • creates distinctiveness and familiarity throughout the episode and rest of series. 
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  • returning characters don't know they're supposed to be dead
  • Simon sees own grave 
  • Camille sees twin sister Lena appears older
  • leaves enigma as audience are unsure of how and why they're returning 
  • causes audience to continue watching to get answers 
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  • disrupted family unit in Seguret family
  • Jerome is seeing Lucy (gets pointed out to lena by friends in a local bar)
  • claire has close relationship with Pierre who she calls over to see Camille
  • technique used to incorporate diversity and highlight normality of separated families 
  • some audiences may personally identify with the situation, causing them to follow the series. 
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