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The Walt Disney Corporation is one of the largest mass media companies in the world
owning TV and radio networks, Internet sites, theatres, theme parks, music studios, magazines
etc. They publish children's books, produce cartoons, computer software, and toys among
many other things. For more than 70 years Disney animated…

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had red lips, straight hair, perfect complexion, a skinny body, and a beautiful face. Naturally, she
was gifted with a very soft voice enchanting all around her when she sang, whether she was sad
or happy. Snow White was so beautiful that her beauty brought her an enemy embodied in…

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holds all of her treasures: "I'm ready to know what the people know, ask them my questions and
get some answers... What is a fire and why does it burn?" (Clements & Musker, 1989).
In Beauty and the Beast (1991) it is Belle's beauty and loveliness that tame the Beast's…

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the Disney Company to decide upon `the career' of a housewife for their `Princesses' to follow.
Here, it is quite evident that the only reason for this decision was the promotion of a stereotype
that a woman's natural abilities are those of a `house servant' and nothing else.
The film…

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Belle: "What do you know about my dreams, Gaston?"
Gaston: "Plenty! Picture this ­ a rustic hunting lodge, my latest kill roasting on the fire and my little wife
massaging my feet, while the little ones play on the floor with the dogs. We'll have six or seven strapping

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Not having been kissed by Eric before sunset on the third day (after she had gotten
her human legs), as was specified in her deal with Ursula, Ariel, for the time being, did not
accomplish her dream of staying human and being with Eric. However, at the end of the…

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woman has to find and marry her perfect man.
The stereotypical messages which these films promote about women being incapable
of living without having a man in their lives could have a negative influence on young girls
denoting that women are weak and that they can only live a satisfactory…

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Clements, R. & Musker, J. (Directors). (1989). The Little Mermaid [Motion Picture]. Los
Angeles: Walt Disney Pictures.
Hand, D., Cottrell, W., Jackson, W., Morey, L., Pearce, P. & Sharpsteen, B. (Directors). (1937).
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs [Motion Picture]. Los Angeles: Walt Disney
Maio, K. (1998). Disney's…


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