The Paris Peace Settlement


The Paris Peace Settlement

  • The treaty of Versailles dealt specifically with Germany and was the major discussion during the draw up of the peace settlement.
  • The agreement containing the principles on which the League of Nations was to operate on took into account the other 5 treaties made with the defeated countries.
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The treaty of Versailles

  • June 1919
  • Treaty with Germany
  • Germany was agreed to accept full responsibility for the outbreak of WWI
  • Territorial losses:
    • The creation of an indipendent Polish state
    • Alsace Lorraine was given back to France
    • Up to 12% of territoral losses
    • 13% of population lost
  • Military Restrictions
    • 100,000 military personnel only
    • not allowed an airforce, small fleet
    • Rhineland to be occupied for 15 years by the allied military forces
  • Reparations
    • Germany to pay £6,600 million
    • Dawes commission in 1924
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The treaty of st Germain

  • 1919
  • treaty with Austria
  • Dalmatia, Slovenia and Bosnia to Yugoslavia
  • South Tyrol, Trentino, Trieste and Istria to Italy
  • other regions to Czechoslovakia, Poland and Romania
  • Austria was not allowed to unify with Germany
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Treaty of Trianon

  • 1920
  • Treaty with Hungary
  • 2/3 of territorry lost
  • regions given to Czechoslovakia, Romania, Austria Yugoslavia
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Treaty of Neuilly

  • 1919
  • treaty with Bulgaria
  • regions given to Greece, Romania, Yugoslavia
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Treaties of Sevres and Lausanne

  • 1920 - 1923
  • Treaties with Turkey
  • Saudi Arabia independent
  • Loss of the rights to Sudan and Libya
  • Greeks expelled at Lausanne
  • Constantinople was given to Turkey
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Paris Peace settlement issues

  • The aims of the major powers were often contradictory and so compromises had to be made within the treaties
  • Terms of the treaty of Versailles were not soft enough to allow reconciliation with Germany but not harsh enough to weaken Germany's power
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German Response

  • Diktat
  • Forced to sign the treaty without any negotiations of the terms
  • It disagreed with the reparations and especially the territorial losses
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Historians' views

  • the treaty was harsh but undestandable - W. Mommensen
  • the treaty of Versailles was a treaty made without though of fairness or consideration - D. Wallbanks 
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