International Relations

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Treaty Of Versailles

Nov 1918

- Focal point in the Paris Peace Conference

- Contained 440 Clauses

- War Guilt (231) 

- Demilitarization of the Rhineland, occupied by allied troops for 15 years

-Polish Corridor to split Ger ---> under control of the LofN's

-Ger has to give up all overseas colonies

-Reparations, Ger forced to pay, occupation of Ruhr by France 1923

Treaty considered as harsh and unfair on Germany, led to appeasement when Hitler came to power.

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The Mandates

Nature of Paris Peace Treaties: Peace without Victory or Peace with Victory

1919: Ger empire had fallen, therefore their overseas countries had to be dealt with

Mandates: a form of trusteeship overseen by LofN -> so colonial possesions belonged to the League

SECRET DEALS: Br + Fr division of the Ottoman empire, Japan got some Islands on N equator

Portuguese claims ignored, Belgian were only given Rwanda and Burundi, people of the territories not consulted.

Nauru: GB took over

The Mandate powers were given a moral duty towards their mandate

The Mandate powers had a duty to do humanitarian work such as endling slave trafficking

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