Terms of the Paris Peace Treaties


Paris Peace Treaties

 Background Info

  • Representatives from 32 countries met in Paris in 1919
  • 'Big three' in command of important decisions (note Italy didn't gain control as it had hoped)
  • 5 treaties: St Germain, Versailles, Trianon, Neuilly, Sevres/Lausanne
  • Versailles dealt with Germany, others dealt with geo-political and economic situation of Europe
  • The agreement of the terms the Leage of Nations was to operate was based on all five treaties

Treaty of Versailles


  • June 1919, focused on Germany, signed in Palace of Versailles
  • Germany had to accept full war guilt


  • Polish state established, Poland given West Prussian and Posen
  • Alsace-Lorainne given back to France
  • Danzig appointed an international city
  • Plebiscites in Upper Silesia, West Prussia and Schleswig
  • Loss of colonies and investments

Military Restrictions:

  • Only allowed a regular army with 100,000 soldiers 
  • No airforce allowed, only allowed a small naval fleet
  • Conscription not allowed
  • Rhineland occupied for 15 years by allied military forces
  • All commissions ally controlled until 1927


  • Had to pay 132 billion marks
  • Paid in regular installments, some gold, some goods
  • Dawes Commission 1924 (America leant money to Germany)
  • France invaded Ruhr 1923

Treaty of St Germain

  • September 1919, with Austria
  • Dalmatia, Slovenia and Bosnia…


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