Tenses & Verb Endings

Verb Endings for the tenses

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Present Tense

                          AR                       ER                         IR

yo                       o                          o                           o

tu                       as                        es                         es

el/ella                a                           e                           e

nosotros           amos                   emos                     emos

vosotros            ais                        is                           is 

ellos/ellas         an                        en                          en

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Past Tense (Perfect)

                          AR                       ER                         IR

yo                       é                          í                            í

tu                      aste                      iste                       iste

el/ella                ó                          ió                          ió

nosotros           amos                    imos                     imos

vosotros           asteis                   isteis                     isteis 

ellos/ellas        aron                      ieron                     ieron

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Past Tense (Imperfect)

                          AR                       ER                         IR

yo                      aba                       ía                          ía

tu                      abas                     ías                         ías

el/ella                aba                      ía                          ía

nosotros          abamos                 íamos                    íamos

vosotros           abais                     íais                        íais

ellos/ellas        aban                      ían                        ían

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Conditional Tense (I would...) - Infinitive + endi

                          AR                       ER                         IR

yo                      ía                          ía                          ía

tu                      ías                        ías                         ías

el/ella                ía                         ía                          ía

nosotros           íamos                  íamos                    íamos

vosotros            íais                       íais                        íais

ellos/ellas         ían                        ían                        ían

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Future Tense (I will...) - Infinitive + ending

                          AR                       ER                         IR

yo                       é                          é                           é

tu                       ás                        ás                          ás

el/ella                á                           á                           á

nosotros           emos                    emos                    emos

vosotros            éis                        éis                        éis

ellos/ellas         án                        án                          án

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