Spanish Tenses

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Spanish Tenses

The Spanish Tenses

  • The Present Tense
  • The Imperfect tense
  • The Preterite Tense
  • The Future Tense
  • The Perfect Tense
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The Present Tense

The Present Tense is used to describe:

·         Current actions and situations
Estoy listo - I am ready.

·         Habitual actions     
Voy a la escuela todos los días -    I go to school every day

·         Absolute and general truths
La tierra es grande - The earth is big.


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The Imperfect Tense

The imperfect is used for past actions that are not seen as completed. Use of the imperfect tense implies that the past action did not have a definite beginning or definite end.


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The Preterite Tense

The preterite is used for actions in the past that are seen as completed. Use of the preterite tense implies that the past action had a definite beginning and definite end.


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The Future Tense

The future tense is used to tell what "will" happen, or what "shall" happen.

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The Perfect Tense

The present perfect is formed by combining the auxiliary verb "has" or "have" with the past participle.

Add ado or ido and the form of haber in front of the verb:

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