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  • Based on analysis
  • May draw on suppliers expertise
  • Can require additional creativity if there isn't already a story
  • Create something new by bringing together different elements in different contexts
  • Adding value

Tactic Options

  • Media
  • People - Opinion leaders and lobbying
  • Websites and E-PR
  • Print 
  • Audio visual
  • Sponsorship
  • Events you organise
  • Events organised by others
  • Public consultations
  • Collaborations and partnerships
  • Trade associations
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Media Relations

  • Newspapers - National, regional, local, free sheets. Magazines, journals, fanzines. TV - National news, regional news, channel interviews, specialist programmes. Radio - National and local, talk sections, specialist programmes. Internet - News sites, other websites. News agencies - The 'wire'. News management. New developments. Rebut or respond to bad news. News stories, feature coverage, reviews, interviews, photo coverage

+ Third Party Value, timing issues - can be quick turnaround but amy equally involve lead time, cost effective

- Targeting issues - research, loss of control over message

What makes a story?

Facts and figures, people, managed conflict, chairtable angle, sex, children, animals, environmental angle, special days, piggy backing, photos, stunts, new

Engaging Journalists

Target relevant journalists, build relationships, provide relevant, engaging material in writing, clear, succint, accurate press releases, supporting materials, organise events, press conferences

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Opinion Leaders

  • Adoption, portrayal and acceptance of ideas and products, opinion change, change of policy and law

+ Third party endorsment very effective - added expertise

- Labour intensive to secure support, celebrity fatigue - profile could obscure your image

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  • Company magazines, newsletterrs, leaflets/flyers, position papers, annual reports, education packs, company positions, company successes, developments, management changes, product news, real stories

+ Create added value for readers, most publics still prefer hard copy, provide background and context

- Danger of vanity publishing, can be expensive, content must be relevant and interesting to specific publics

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  • Own Events
    • Image building, detailed ideas or plans, meeting publics and adding value, getting feedback, creating momentum, open days and facility visits, seminars, conferences, presentations, annual general meetings, receptions, parties and openings
  • Other Events
    • Exhibitions, speaking at other people events, award ceremonies, networking, flyer-ing, guerilla tactics
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Social Media

  • Company and product information, customer relations and virtual press office, internal communications, downloads, podcasts, blogging, forums

+ Interactivity possibilities, democratisation of voices, can communicate detail to audiences who you know are looking for it

- Content needs to be live enough to encourage people back, is address communicated enough to secure traffic? Design capabilities, disenfranchisement of publics

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Audio - Visual

  • Videos, DVDs, presentations, company profile - history, education, induction and recruitment, company/product understanding - traing and safety, prestige and momentum - content for events

+ Create realities, big impact, give extra access but without vulnerability, demonstrate that you are doing something

- Very expensive and labour intensive, either need a captive audience or amazing content otherwise a tendency to remain on the shelf

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  • Image building and organisation association

+ Can help demonstrate credibility through association, can help reach difficult target audiences, can help deliver resources

- Potentially expensive, complex messages may get lost, beware of ambush opportunities

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Public Consultation

  • Public opinion, communicating detailed ideas or plans, meeting publics face-to-face, getting feedback on options

+ Can help manage hostile opinions, demonstrate open-ness, find new solutions, sometimes statutory requirements

- Consultation must be genuine - no more than a heated debate, danger of only reaching usual suspects, requires substantial amount of time to be effective

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  • Ensures communication appears less self-interested
  • Builds support and reputation through association - maximises volume
  • Formalised through partnerships and made associations
  • Very cost effective
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Selecting Channels

  • Publics - Who are you reaching?
  • Message and extent of content
  • Timing
  • Location
  • Budget
  • In-house or specialsit expertise?
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Choice of Tactics

  • Appropriateness
    • Reach target publics
    • Right impact
    • Fits the strategy
    • Deliver the message
  • Deliverability
    • Budget
    • Timescales
    • Skills
  • Leverage
    • Will one topic deliver more than one objectie
    • Will one tactic deliver value for money
  • Considerations
    • Sector
    • Size
    • Organisation
    • Short-term or long-term
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Tactics and Anne Gregory's 10 Point Planning Model

  • Objectives - Tactics help to achieve objectives
  • Publics - Different publics = different communications, tactics relevant to publics
  • Strategy - Overall approach to achieve objectives, tactics relate to strategies, strategies = how, tactics = what
  • Messages conveyed - Tactics chosen in relation to messages, speed to convey may influence choice of tactic, message interesting to public will affect tactics
  • Timings - Estimate preparation time, plan when to execute a tactic
  • Cost - Each tactic calculate staff time and expense costs, often greater than intial
  • Evaluation - Testing prior to roll out, evaluation of the tactic
  • When presenting - Persuade that tactics will support objectives, fit in with overall strategy, appropriate to target audiences
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