summary of acts 'in a view from the bridge''

Summary of Act One:

 Alfieri is a lawyer. He works in Red Hook, Brooklyn. He helps poor families. The people who live there are Italian American.

 Eddie Carbone lives in Red Hook with his wife Beatrice. Catherine, their niece lives with them. Eddie is worried that Catherine wants to leave school and go to work.

 Two cousins of Beatrice Marco and Rodolfo arrive. They are illegal immigrants. Eddie talks about Vinny Bolzano. Vinny told the police about some illegal immigrants. His family pulled him down the stairs and spat on him.

 The cousins are going to stay with Eddie and Beatrice. Marco wants to get money to send back to his family in Italy. Rodolfo wants to become an American.

 Eddie does not like Rodolfo. He thinks Catherine likes him. Eddie is jealous. He says Rodolfo only wants Catherine so he can get married and get an American passport. Beatrice thinks Catherine needs to leave – she is worried about the relationship between Catherine and Eddie.

 Eddie goes to see Alfieri. Alfieri says the only law Rodolfo has broken is coming to America illegally. Eddie says he will not tell the police this.

 At home things get worse. Eddie wants to fight Rodolfo. Marco stops Eddie. Act 1 ends with Marco holding a chair above Eddie’s head. He is telling Eddie that he is strong than him, therefore not to mock Rodolpho.

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a view from the bridge

Summary of Act Two:

 It’s nearly Christmas. Catherine and Rodolpho are alone in the apartment. Eddie come home and tells Rodolpho to leave, and then kisses Catherine and Rodolpho.

 Eddie goes to Alfieri again. But Alfieri is says the law cannot do anything to stop Catherine and Rodolpho getting married. 

 Eddie rings the immigration. He finds that Marco and Rodolpho have moved upstairs with other immigrants. The immigration officers arrive. Beatrice immediately suspects Eddie.

 The officers take Marco and Rodolpho. Marco spits on Eddie’s face.

 Alfieri bails Marco and Rodolpho out, only if Marco promises not to harm Eddie. 

 It’s the day of the wedding. Eddie tells Beatrice you’re not going to the wedding, and if she does she’s not allowed back in the house. Beatrice refuses to go. Catherine shows her anger and hatred and calls Eddie a ‘rat’.

 Eddie demands he wants his name back, and then he’ll attend the wedding. Marco arrive calls Eddie an A-N-I-M-A-L. 

 Eddie draws a knife to Marco; turns the knife and Eddie stabs himself.

 Alfieri closes the play.  

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