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A view from the Bridge quotes
By Nabila Afzal…read more

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· "Katie your walk 'in wavy "
· "What job she is going to finish school"
· "Katie I promised your mother on her death
· "I took it out of my mouth to give it to her"
· "He sings on the ship"
· "I want my name"…read more

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· "What're scared of he is a rat"
· "I am going with him Eddie"
· "I am not going to be a bay no more"
· "I never meant to do anything bad to you
Eddie"…read more

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· "do you think I am jealous of you honey"
· "You goanna stand over her till she is forty"
· "when I am going to be a wife again Eddie"
· " She likes people what's wrong with that
· "If you act like a baby he will treat you like a
· "Don't call him that"…read more

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· "Animal"
· "Marco spits on Eddie's face"
· "Thank you"
· "All the law is not in the book"
· "Yes, yes you'll be quite Rudolph"
· " I'd like to send money to my family"…read more

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· " America! Imagine"
· "No, I ­ I am tied"
· "Oh sure! I sing jazz"
· " Me I want to be an American"…read more


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