Suceses and Failures of the new deal.

New deal effects.

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Role of the goverment:
Restored faith in the goverment
Preserved democracy-no rise in tight wing
Extended role of President and goverment.

Stabalised banking system
Cut buisness failures
Improved infastructure

Alphabet agencies provided work for millions
Unemployed fell from 24.9m in 1933 to 14.3m in 1937

Industrial workers:
NRA and secouned new deal
Got better working conditions

Social welfare:
Provided pensions

Black americans:
200,000 gained benefits from CCC
Benefited from slum clearance and having projects

Elenor Roosevelt campaigned for social reform
Frances Perkins first woman to a cabinet post

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Role of goverment:
Divided the USA
Gave the gover,ent too much power
Ignored state goverments

Short term solutions did not slove underlying problems

Short term

Industrial workers:
Uniopn still treated with suspricion

Social welfare:
Too much pressure on tax payers

NRA required women to be paid less than men
Wasnt that many employed by CCC

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