America in the 20s- "The New Deal"



This is a shortened set of notes to help you understand the New Deal- it has info from Wikipedia, Bitesize, various text books and what I learned over the past two years of GCSE history. If you want more detail there are plenty more websites/textbooks with more!!! I'll start by introducing the new deal, explaining what it did and how it targeted the depression and then compare the failures and successes. Wikipedia link:

What IS The new Deal?!

The New Deal is was a series of economic prgrams between 1933 and 1936 aimed to aid America to get out of the crippling depression of the 1930s. They were passed by Congress during Pre. Franklin D. Roosevelt's first term, Roosevelt wanted "A new deal for the American people"

The New Deal-What it did.

The New deal Concentrated on what Historians call "The Three Rs"

RELIEF- For the unemployed and poor

RECOVERY- To get the economy back to normal levels and to try and create a stronger economy in the long run.

REFORM- Linking in with recovery to ensure, once recovered, a more structured and stable system is created to stop a repeat depression-ideally of any kind but mainly of such immense proportions of that of 1930s Americaaa!

It was the BIGGEST most expensive government program in the history of America. It created not only practical and structural


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