Was the new deal a success or a failure?

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  • Was the New Deal a success or a failure?
    • successes
      • by 1940 unemployment in the USA had fallen by about 40% since 1933
      • Blacks were given accessto the CCCs, although they had separated camps
      • FDR gave people hope and restored their confidence in government and the financial system
    • Failures
      • Recovery was only partial
        • in 1937 industry was still only working at 75% of its 1929 level
      • Many of the schemes FDR started only lasted a few months
        • The CCC provided work for 6-9 months only. Some men went on to a whole series of CCC camps and still couldn't find work at the end of it
      • Black Americans gained little improvement in their civil rights.
        • FDR was dependent on southern democratic votes to get his laws through
        • New Deal laws allowed blacks to be paid less than whites
        • The AAA led to the eviction of poor black share-croppers
      • Women made little progress toward equality. They were still paid less than men for the same work


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