Was the New Deal a Success?

table discussing success and failure of the New Deal

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Aspect Success Failure
1. A New Society This restored the faith of the American people in the The New Deal divided the USA. Roosevelt and his officials
government. were accused of being communists and destroying American
The new deal was a huge economic and social programme. values and undermining local government.
Government help like this was not possible before this time. It
set the tone for future government help.
The new deal was not all corrupt and the people in charge did
everything they could to prevent anyone involved from
becoming corrupt. It employed black Americans and most
people were against racism.
2. Industrial Workers The NRA and second new deal strengthened the position of Big businesses remained powerful in the USA despite being
labour unions against the American industrial giants. challenged by Roosevelt.
Roosevelt's government generally tried to support unions and Unions were treated with suspicion by employers.
made corporations negotiate with them. Many strikes by unions were broken up with violence.
Some labour unions joined forces to form the Committee for Companies such as Ford and Republic Steel employed thugs
Industrial Organisation, (CIO) in 1935. This union was big or controlled the police force.
enough to bargain with the big corporations.
3. Unemployment The New Deal created millions of jobs. It never solved the underlying economic problems.
and the economy It stabilised the American banking system. The US economy took longer to recover than Europeans.
It cut the number of business failures. Confidence remained low- throughout the 1930s Americans
Projects such as the TVA brought work and better standard of only spent and invested about 75% of what they had before
living to poor parts of the USA. 1929.
Projects provided the USA with resources like schools, roads When Roosevelt cut the budget in 1937, the country went
and power stations. back into recession.
There were 6 million unemployed in 1941.
The USAs entry into the war brought an end to

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Black Americans Around 200,000 black Americans gained benefits from the Many New Deal agencies discriminated against black
CCC and other agencies. Americans. They either got no work or received worse
Many black Americans benefited from slum clearance and treatment or lower wages
housing projects. Roosevelt failed to pass laws against the lynching of black
people. He was worried the Democrat senators in the
southern states would not support him.
5. Women Some women achieved prominent positions.…read more


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