Stress Related illness- The stress of being ill

How is illness and stress related?

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McGuire et al 2006

McGuire et al, 2006

Paitents who had more pain after stomach surgery took longer to heal (deliberate wound)

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Fawzey et al 1993

Fawzey et al 1993

  • studied progress of 56 paitents with skin cancer
  • 38 participants recieved weekly 1 1/2 hour stress managment sessions
  • all participants got usual medical care
  • 6months after, found; 36 stress class p's had higher functioning of immune system that those who had not

Follow up study 5 years later, those who had no stress class tended to have more reocurence of cancer and more likley to have died

Stress class doesnt cure cancer just aids deffences more.

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