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Personality and stress
AS Psychology, AQA A, unit 2-
biological (stress)…read more

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Type A and B
Type A Type B
Always in a rush (impatient) Not impatient
Aggressive Not aggressive
competitive Not competitive…read more

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Friedman and Rosenman
· Studied 3000 working class men from California. They
had a health check to check blood pressure, health
etc. Also did a questionnaire to see if they are type A
or B
· Found that 8 years later type A participants were
more likely to die than type B.
· This shows that type A people are more likely to
suffer from stress related illnesses such as CHD as
they cope less well with stress than type B people…read more

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Friedman and Rosenman- evaluation
· Internal validity (confounding variable)- type A people
smoked more which could be the real reason for the
higher blood pressure and cholesterol and hence the
real reason for the higher cases of stress related
· Ragland and brand- studied the original participants
22 years later and found 15% had died from CHD,
with there being little difference between
personalities, which shows that personality type
doesn't effect CHD chances, opposing Friedman and
Rosenman as no personality effects CD chances more.…read more

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Friedman and Rosenman- evalution
· Williams- found a link between anger and chances of
CHD, which supports Friedman and Rosenman as it
supports the idea that stress effects your health…read more

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Russek and Zohman
· Studied GP's and dermatologists and found that GP's
have a greater chance of CHD due to a more stressful
· This shows that stress had a link to CHD.
· Low population validity- only studied doctors so
results can't be generalised to other people as not
everyone experiences the type of stress doctors
experience.…read more

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