Stress and Gender

Do men and women react differently to stress?

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Do men and women react differenlty to stress?

Do men and women react differenly to stress?

1) Biological approach

2)Social explanations

3)cognitive explanations

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1. Biological approach

1.Biological approach

Oxytocin. Taylor et al, 2000

Oxytocin-Hormone secreated by men and women in responce to stress.

Higher levels-> Calmer, less anxious, more relaxed, more social.

Effect reduced by male hormones

Oxytocin-maternal behaviour and affiliaction. Why women seek support of others. 'tend and befriend'

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1. Biological approach

1.Biological approach

Oestrogen.Hastrup, 1980

Women showed lower stress responces when oestrogen being released.
E.G-days 11-24 of menstrul cycle.

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2. Social Explanations

2.Social Explanations

Males: Less social support; more unhealthy habits; more stressful occupations->more cardiovascular problems.

Carroll, 1992
Women. make more use of social support networks

Carroll, 1992
Women smoke and drink less (this is currently changing)

Women in non-traditional roles
E.g- Lawyer, bus driver-->Higher neuroendocrine levels than women in traditional roles.
Men and women likely to become more simular over time as roles changing

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Cognitive Explanations

3.Cognitive Explanations

Male and female differ in way they handle (or think about social conflict situations

Vogele, 1997
Females: Learn to suppress anger, so show low reactivity in stress situations.

Males:Males havent learnt this, and when they have to suppress anger-their blood pressure rises/increases.

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