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The Pitutary Adrenal System

The Pituary Adrenal system involves the Adrenal cortex is in control of the Hypothalamus and the Pituritary gland.

Hypothalamus- a small structure at the base of the brain.

Pituritary gland- in the skull cavity below the Hypothalamus. 

when the brain decides a situation is stressful it releases corticotrophin releasing factor (CRF) which goes to the pituritary gland.

Pituritary Gland- (master gland) realeases (ACTH) this hormone travels to the Adrenal Cortex and stimulates the release of hormones called Corticosteriods into the bloodstream.

there are lots of Cortisteriods, which have different effects on the body and are a vital part of the stress response.

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Activating the body's stress response

Study: Selye identified the activation of The Pituritary adrenal system, and the Sympathomedullary pathway as the two main components of the bodys response to Stressors.

Selye began to debate about why they should be activated in this way.

When these two systems are aroused they prepare the body for energy expenditure.

Corticosteriods, adreniline, noradreniline moberlise energy reserves, sustain blood flow, and heart rate, to get oxygen to the muscles.

Study: Cannon (1956) called the pattern of bodily arousal/responces the Fight or Flight responce.

Selye experiment studies showed that it was also central to stress response he observed in rats.

Related to stress related illness: stomach ulsers

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The Genral Adaption Syndrome

The GAS (Selye) has three stages:

ALARM - a stressor - stress response- systems activate.

RESISTANCE- body copes with stress.

EXHAUSTION - stress related illness may develop.

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Gender Differences in stress responses

Men tend to bottle up there feelings more than women do as men do not like speaking to people about there feelings and most women will quite happily speak to a friend.

women are more likely to die of Conorany heart disease.

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Stress related illness

the body can get so stressed that the stress can make you ill and effect your immune system.

the last phase of Selyes GAS is EXHAUSTION

although now its is argued as your hormone supply is rarely exhausted- even under severe pressure.

and we now know alot more about the widespread effects of these hormones in the body.

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The Immune System

our immune system is our main defence against infection by foreign agents.

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