Male Stereotypes

Males are meant to be;

  • Masculine
  • Tall
  • Strong 
  • Competitive - Works against others/cares about self
  • Big - Muscular and Broad
  • Intelligiant - Thinks about things
  • Active - Does things
  • Aggeressive
  • Technological - Cars, gadgets and computers
  • Dominat
  • Rational - Solves problems by thinking of solutions
  • Casual sex with many partners
  • Breadwinner - Goes to work 
  • Comedy and practical jokes
  • Computer games-
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Female Stereotypes

Females are meant to be;

  • Feminine 
  • Short
  • Weak
  • Communal - Works with others/Cares for others
  • Domestic - Stays at home
  • Communicative - Talks about things
  • Small - Thin and Petite
  • Intutive - Feels things/Spritual
  • Submissive
  • Passive
  • Emotional - Solves things by confronting others
  • Fashion - Shopping, clothes and make up
  • Comittted relationship with one partner
  • Celebrity Gossip - 'bitchy or mean
  • Computer games like Wii fit or Brain Training on Nitendio DS
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Representation is about;

  • How people and places are portrayed in the media
  • How audiences react to the portrayals

If a representation is repeated enough it can become a stereotype, which is a catergory people are placed into based upon how others suppose they behave and appear. 

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Socially Constructed

Sociologists argue that many of the differences between men and women are created by society ather than being based on biology. They argue this because what is seen as masculine and feminie behaviour has varied historically and between different culutres. It depneds on how a particular society understands at a particular time. Gender, in other words, is soically constructed.

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We have seen that fender stereotypes can effect people in the real world and that women can experience prejudice as a result.  

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