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Interpretivism Feminism Material and Cultural Factors

Interpretivism Key Terms

Labelling- The process of stereotyping people based on their percieved characteristics.

Self-fulfilling prophecy- When people behave in line with the label they are given.

Setting and Streaming- Sets in which people are placed into subject groups or streams which they are placed into class groups and trught at that level for all subjects.

Ideal pupil- A whole range of non-academic factors such as speech, dress, personality, (how co-operativeand so on), appearance make up this stereotyping of the ideal pupil and influence teachers assesment of student abilty.

Anti-school sub-subculture- a set of values, attitudes and behaviour in oppostition to the values and aims of the school. In this sub-culture, trauncy, playing up, teachers, messing about, breaking the rules, copying work etc.

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GIST- Girls into science and technology

WISE- Women into science and engineering

National Curriculum- Post 1980, subjects such as English, Maths and Science are compulsory so men and women have equal opportunities.

Patriarchy- Male dominance in society

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