Sociology - Internal Factors and ethnic differences in achievement

Internal Factors and ethnic differences in achievement

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Internal Factors and ethnic differences in achieve

=Labelling and teacher racism: Gillborn found that teachers were quicker to discipline black pupils than others for the same behaviour. Wright found that teachers assumed asian pupils would have a poor grasp on English and left them out of class discussions or used simplistic, childish language when speaking to them.

=Pupil Responses and subcultures: Fuller describes how instead of accepting negative stereotypes the black girls channelled their anger about being labelled into achieving educational success.

=The ethnocentric Curriculum: Troyna and Williams describe the curriculum as ethnocentric because it gives priority to white cultureand the English language.

=Institutional racism: Troyna and Williams - Individual racism (prejudiced views of individuals) and institutional racism (built into the way schools/colleges operate.

=Selection and segregation: Gillborn - marketisation has given schools greater scope to select pupils, and this puts some ethnic minorities at a disadvantage as selection gives more scope for negative stereotypes to influence decisions about school admissions.

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