gender subject choice

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  • Gender subject choice
    • Socialisation
      • Ann Oakley
        • The canalisation of toys in early childhood contributes to stereotyp-ed ideologies of whats accepatble
          • Creates a gender identity
          • Supported by Norman with types of play influencing aspirations
            • Boys playing with construction toys can spark interest in engineering
      • Lobban
        • Gender stereotypes in books
          • More heros than heroines (35:71)
            • Lack of role models within books
          • Women are portrayed to take on domestic roles whereas men take on leading roles that are more dominant
          • Girls read more than boys and enjoy it more yet books aren't shaped to encourage girls aspirations but rather cap them to minor submissive roles
    • Gender identity
      • Stereotypes and social norms define typical behaviour. This produces gender identities in which acceptance of traditional gender roles is encouraged
      • Favara
        • Pressure to select subjects which fit and seem appropriate for gender identities
        • Perceptions of mens jobs and womens jobs
      • Colley
        • gender perceptions of different subjects are important influences on subject choice
        • Arts and humanities are perceived as feminine
        • Science and technology are perceived as masculine
      • Skelton et al
        • Genders are drawn to subjects due to ideas of whats appropriate for their gender identity
        • going against tradition can challenge masculinity or femininity
        • Can lead to stigmatisation to go against the grain
          • Girls that take physical education are called butch
    • Learning Styles
      • Francis and skelton
        • Rationality, objectivity, abstract facts and memorisation suit male teaching styles
          • maths and science match these
        • subjectivity, emotion and real situations suit female teaching styles
          • english and humanities
        • BUT learning styles are simply a prerequisite of biological stereotypes that seem apparent due to genders being coerced into those subject types. They are rather a consequence of gender typical subject choice not a seperate conclusion.
      • Kelly
        • Science is male dominated eg running for equipment
        • invisibility of girls in textbooks
    • Teacher influence
      • Francis and Skelton
        • Although its less apparent now teachers may reflect their own socialisation and expectations when giving advice
      • 1980s teachers steer girls and boys to stereotypical gender subject choices
      • BUT the introduction of GIST and WISE can combat this and ecourage girls to take STEM subjects to create a gender balance


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