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The BCS (British Crime Survey)

  • One of the 2 main measures of crime in UK
  • A Victim Survey
  • Collects Infomation from 40,000 people!
  • Inspired by a similar Amercan Version
  • Has only been used in UK since 1980's
  • Used to be every 2 years but since 2000 has been an annual survey
  • Records crimes committed against people by asking victims
  • Valid due to peoples willingness to do it because there is no police records involved and its annoymous.
  • Maguire (2002) said the BCS is no more accurate or less accruate than Police Records, it simply gives another viewpoint.
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Police Recorded Crime

  • The second of the 2 main measures of crime in UK
  • Records kept by the police and other agencies of the criminal justica system
  • Results published by the Home Office every 6 months
  • Not all crime is reported to the police
  • 1998 BCS recorded a number of reasons for the public not reporting inc. The trivial nature of the crime, embarrassment and fear etc.
  • The BCS is more valid because there is no stigma attatched when your annoymous
  • Until 2002 it wasnt compulosry for the police to record all crime reported to them so you cannot compare anything from before that against anything before that
  • 57% of reported crime still doesnt make it onto police official statistics!
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Self Report Studies

  • Cross section of the population
  • Asked what crimes THEY have committed
  • Reveals who hasn't been caught/processed by the Police
  • Reliability is low because poeple can exaggerate or even lie
  • Also un-valid
  • Problems also with its representativeness because no such studies are done into drug traffickers for example
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  • When used correctly all 3 build the bigger picture of crime
  • However there still remains a dark figure of crime
  • This lies in the weakness of all 3
  • Victims are going to be most fearful and unlikely to tell anything even if a study is annoymous
  • The true figures of crime will proberly never surface due to the dark side of crime eg. domestic violence, child abuse etc.
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