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Isabelle Bradshaw (4025)

Crime Statistics Essay Plan
1) Introduction

The Government publishes official statistics on crime in Britain annually. The main source of these
statistics are gathered from recorded crimes by the police and courts and through the Crime Survey of
England and Wales (CSEW) which is a largescale victim…

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Isabelle Bradshaw (4025)

+ Helps us to build up a profile of the likely victims

There may not be a victim or people may not know that they are a victim. E.g. prostitution
People might lie or may not be able to remember
National surveys only give us the national…

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Isabelle Bradshaw (4025)

confirmation, otherwise known as verificationism, which means that a fact can only be believed when
there is completely firm evidence supporting the fact. Working on this assumption, positivists therefore
are very open minded, and read into statistics in a number of ways.

7) Conclusion

Official statistics are…


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