Sport and Culture

sporting groups from different parts of the world

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Survival of Traditional Sports and Festivals

Ashbourne in Derbyshire - annual shrovetide football game

Highland games- tossing caber, throwing the hammer, wrestling

Robert Dover's Cotswold Olympics

criticisms: - reformation(power from church to crown), puritanism, weakening of traditional, rural community

Characteristics: - rural areas, local, pain enducing, dangerous, annually,

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Characteristics of surviving ethnic sports

Social - bring community together

rowdy - drinking, singing and celebration

tourism - people would travel from surrounding areas

occasional - escape from pressures of modern living

festival/ritual - pagan or medieval ritual

local - unique to area; increases local pride

traditional - celebration of the past

culture - traditions, beliefs, customs, practices, sports, pastimes etc

ethnic identity - unique behaviour, cultural traits and characteristics

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The American Dream

US school sport has a very high profile and attracts big sponsorship and the the most promising performers compete for athletic scholarships to colleges and universities.

college players recieve top level coaching and support and under enormous pressure to win in highly competitive fields.

TV and advertising not only fund professional sport but also govern procedures and influence its rules

the amaerican dream assumes that anyone can be a success in society, irrespective of age, gender, or ethnic background and sport is a vehicle for success

through sport sterostypes can be defied and the restricting glass ceiling can be smashed and role models for the future can be created

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the shop window

Olympic games as a chosen stage, the entire population was tested and talented children were selected and given the best facilities, coaching, diet and even drugs to ensure success

athletes were given token jobs e.g. in the army so they had enough spare time to devote themselves to sport

where sporting success equates with political success and positiver role models promote the countries status

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