Australia and sports


Brief idea of Australia


  • New culture
  • Privilege was not a feature of society
  • Didnt have a class structure (land of the fair go)
  • Sports from UK were adopted by Australia
  • Part of the empire - UK was the motherland
  • Victory against UK is significant (national progress)
  • Was part of the British empire (criminals)
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Geographical factors

  • Climate is diverse (favourable conditions for sport)
  • 22 million population (low population density) - urban country
  • distance was a problem to sports development - airports for internal travel
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Spectators of sport and Social Determinants

Spectators of sport

  • Large disposible incomes to be spent on sport spectating
  • Densly populated cities - large spectator base

Social Determinants

  • Everyone deemed as equal - sport never subject to social class divide
  • Bush culture reflects individual courage and enterprise and promoted teamwork - all people are equal
  • competitivness (currency and sterling)
  • Fair play - overrides win at all costs
  • Participation - rather then competitiveness
  • Social melting pot describes the situation in which people from different cultures have blended together to form an equal status
  • Apology has been given to the indigenous people
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Goverment and sport initiatives

  • State government determine physical activity in schools
  • Compulsory - increase participation - healthy active lifestyle
  • Obiesity levels stable

Government Policy -

  • Aussie (Sport education and Physical education programme)

Professional Development

  • Aussie (Physical and sport education is a teacher training programme for those qualified)

Specialist Provision

  • Aussie (Exemplary schools share good practise with other schools
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Goverment and sport initiatives (part 2)

Primary schools

  • Aussie ( Fundamental Skills programme)

Student leadership

  • Aussie ( Sport leader programme)

Awards for excellence

  • Aussie (State blue award)

Sports Personality

  • Aussie (Sports person in school project links)
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Outdoor Eductaion

  • Climate is favourable
  • Associated with balanced active healthy lifestyle
  • Bush, frontier culture can be experienced
  • Outstanding natural resources
  • Important area of education - examined subject
  • Victoria Youth development programme outdoor education programme that incorportates army, ambulance, fire service
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Strategies to promote sport participation

  • Primary and High schools - Sport taught to the highest quality in primary and high schools. Co-ordinate national inter-school competition
  • School sport network - agency for teachers involved in sports - encouraging and preparing young children for an active lifestyle
  • Junior sport programmes - Modify games and provide resources, coaching, and competitions
  • Active after school community programmes - Primary school children to free, structured p.e programmes after school, aimed at non active children
  • Local sporting champions programme - Financial support for equipment, uniforms, travel
  • Bluearth programme - Specialists in movement and health work alongside teachers to improve fitness and motor skills.
  • Aussie Sports - Modify rules, reduce the dimensions of playing environment and introduce child friendly equipment
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Institutes of Sport excellence

Atleast one institute in each state (eg......

  • Victoria institute of sport (VIS)
  • South australia institute of sport (SASI)

Funding from government and business sponsership

No hierachy of importance

Monitored by national elite sports council


  • Highest quality of coaching and technology support
  • Recieve treatment from sport medical services
  • Educational and vocational services provided
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Risen intrest in Aussie rules football

  • Government initiated an inquiry into management of football 
  • Governing body (Football federation of Australia) was established to promote it 
  • National league was established
  • Defused racial problems by enforcing withdrawal of ethnic team names
  • Spectator interest was increased (positive media interests)
  • Increased public and media interest (sponsership deals)
  • Victory against UK -sign of progression
  • National competition for women, supported by the AIS
  • 1 million players in Australia (fastest growing sport)
  • FFA is bidding to host the 2018 world cup
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