Cultural Studies - UK

Cultural Studies in the Uk Sports

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Cultural Studies UK

Sport in UK

  • Influence of sport came from public sports
  • Class system determined previlege in sport and lifestyle

A community of people bound together by similar traditions
The traditions, beliefs, customs,practices and social behaviour of a particular society

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Physical endavour with moral intergrity.

This means that, you need to try hard but incorperate team work, loyalty, fair play, sportsmanship.

House System
This became fundemental in sport
Interturot competitions between houses which then turned official with rules

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Characteristics of ethnic games

Ethic Sports have survived because :

  • Its traditional- celebration of the past
  • Local - It increases local pride
  • Tourism - It brings tourists in to the city and even media attractions which brings money and reputation in to the city
  • Rowdy - Because they are so roudy they are very entertaining

Events That still exist

  • Cheese Rolling down copper hill
  • Hurlin in st Ives
  • The ashbourne mob football game
  • The highland games
  • Robert Dovers
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