Why sport is popular in Australia

  • Climate
    • Weather is favourable for sport
    • Doesn't rain much, compared to the UK
    • Able to play outdoor sports more or less all year round
  • Space
    • There is a lot of room for many different sporting activities
  • Competition
    • Brings the nation together
    • Regional and National leagues in various sports, e.g. Australian Football League
  • Media
    • Many sporting events shown on TV, as well as being available on the internet
    • Often front page news stories
    • Social media spreads information about sport - gets people talking about it
  • Tradition
    • Due to a history of sporting success
    • Keen to beat England in Sport
    • Therefore making them competitive in sport
    • Formation of Australian Rules Football in the 1850s
  • British Empire
    • England took over sports to play, and the Australians adapted these, and wanted to be able to beat them
    • Wanted to be able to show they were a stronger country
  • Role Models / Success
    • Success of different sports…


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