Spartacist Uprising



SPARTACISTS- Wanted social revolution like Russian revolution. 

-They disagreed among themselves about how to achieve the next stage of the revolution.

-Their leader, Rosa Luxemburg, thought that they would need to wait until workers in Germany were disillusionised with Ebert's Government. 

-They wanted to get rid of the Kaiser.

-They did not trust Ebert and the Social Democrats to look after the interests of the working people.

Many members of the league wanted to try and seize power from the Social Democrats straight awaywhile Berlin was still in turmoil. 

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Rosa Luxemburg

- She was a brilliant speaker and writer and as she supported the working class and was interested in them, people supported her and she got a reputation as 'Red Rosa'. 

- However, she new she would need to take her time with the revolution, but the other people in the group wanted to start violence. 

- They wanted to get rid of capitalism and wealthy classes.

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Why did the Spartacist Uprising fail?

-January 1919- Spartacist members staged an attempted revolution in Berlin against Ebert's government. 

-January 5th- Sparatcists captured the headquaters of the government's newspaper and telegraph bureau, but they did not capture any other buildings.

-The whole uprising was badly prepared and had no hope of success. 

-They did not get the support of the other left-wing groups.

-The Spartacists leaders only supported the action when it had already started. 

-The rising was easily crushed by the Freikorps. 

-Spartacist headquaters taken over- January 10th.

-A hundred Spartacists were killed compared to 13 Freikorps. 

-Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknect were murdered- movement did not recover.

-Luxemburg was shot by a Lieutenant vogel and her body thrown in a canel

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Who is to blame for Rosa's Death?

-Spartacists Leaders- because they wanted to rush into the violence 

-Herself-She was trying to overthrow the government through violence and she had no plan.

-Ebert-He supported an extremist group that was trying to get rid of another. He joined Freikorps to heighten his governments.

-Lieutenant vogel-Pulled the trigger.

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Berlin was not the only German City the Communists

What were the soldiers shocked to find on their return home to Munich?

- The people were starving and suffering from disease.

What happened in Munich during the spring of 1919?

-Fighting, government troops, Freikorps called in, Left wing take over.

What was the governement response to this crisis?

-Calling the Freikorps and fighting back

Why were the Jews blamed for the uprising in Munich?

- A lot of the leaders were Jewish, therefore they bagan to make links between the jews and the crisis. Judaism and Communism.

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Why was the Spartacist uprising important? (4)

The Spartacists was an extremist group lead by communists. They believed that Ebert and the Social Democrats were not willing to look at the interests of the working class. Therefore they began an uprising thatwas unplanned towards the government and Social Democrats as they did not want a democracy. Due to taking a violent approach the government had to call in the Freikorps to help protect the government and fight off the Spartacists. The Spartacist uprising was important because the Spartacists lost, which meant the Freikorps were left with more power, therefore set the tone for German democracy, as Ebert and the governement gained power. 

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