Somerset and Northumberland's policies

Somerset and Northumberland's differing financial, social and laws reflected in their religious policies.

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Somerset's Religious Laws

  • Repealed Treason Act 1547- removed treason and censorship laws, repealed Act of Six Articles, revoked Proclamation act so the king could rule without parliament, made it treason to write the king wasn't supreme head of the church one, or write it 3 times, stop the king or his successor taking the title or saying someone else was king.
  • Chantries Act 1547- closed chantries, they said prayers for the dead, this brought in greater wealth and continued dissolution of monasteries. 
  • 1548- stopped praying to images.
  • 1549- Act of Uniformity- enforced Prayer Book, outlined worship, services in English, said no sacrafice in transubstantiation, made serives the same, this was unpopular and caused Western Rebellion.
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Northumberland's religious Laws

  • Changed from alters to communion tables.
  • Arrested conservative clergy like Gardiner and replaced them with reformers on the council.
  • 1551- Second Act of Uniformity-enforced Second Prayer Book, removed transubstantiation, abandoned structure of mass and completely removed catholic vestments and replaced them with the surplice.
  • 42 Articles- written by Cranmer, contained Lutheran and Calvinist Teachings, emphasised scripture, ceremony, predestination, supremacy of the monarchh and communion of both kinds
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Somerset's financial policy

  • continued war with Scotland, which cost £2,100,000 and bankrupted the treasurey.
  • carried on with debasement which led to inflation.
  • put more copper in silver coins.
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Northumberland's financial policy

  • ended French wars with the Treaty of Boulogne which returned Boulogne and enabled him to withdraw from Scotland.
  • tried to end debasement and earned £114,000 to pay off debts.
  • restored the silver content of coins to end inflation.
  • paid off debts to try and make the crown more solvent.
  • made Gresham manipulate the stock market in sterling's favour.
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Somerset's social policy

  • He wanted to help the poor.
  • 1547 Vagrancy Act- made local officials provide for 'deserving poor', created the slavery act- those who were unempolyed for more than three days were branded with a v and sold into slavery for 2 years. If this occured again slavery would be made permenant.
  • Enclosures- 1548 made Hale investigate enclosures, created a 5% sheep tax which caused unrest after bad harvests.
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Northumberland's social policy

  • 1550 Treason Act- made the JPs restore law and order.
  • 1550- repealed Vagrancy Act and sheep tax which stopped discontent.
  • enforced anti-encolsure legislations.
  • made a 'poor law' so local parishes could care for them.
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