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Reasons for class divide

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Material deprivation- Things such as poor housing(little sleep or space for work)

Cultural Deprivation- being unaware, therefore unable to gain skills and abilites to gain access to top schools(language, intellect, attitudes& values)

Cultural Capital- educational& economical capital allow parents to be able to understand and interpret things such as league tables and supply them with ability to gain their child a place at top schools.

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Sugarman 1970

4 Main barriers for Working class

Fatalism- what will be will be

Collectivism-staying as part of a group

Immediate gratification- working for now, rewards as soon as possible

Present time orientation- no long term goals

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Gewirtz marketisation and parental choice

Gewirtz atudied 14 schools, interviewed parents and teachers.

Came up with 3 types of parent choosers;

Privalleged skilled choosers- middle class, know how to pick a good school, undertsand the admissions process.

Disconnected local choosers- working class, choose nearest schools as travel costs play a major role. Listen to rumours about the school instaed of visting it themselves

Semi- skilled choosers- working class but more ambitious than disconnected choosers, often frustrated at failure of acceptance

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Basil Bernstein 1975

Came up with the elaborated code and resticted code, both types of speech.

Elaborated code is used by middle class it is complex.

Restricted code is used by the working class, it is very simple.

The elaborated code is used by teachers and in exams, which is how i benefits the middle class. Though Bernstein does acknowledg that the working class are being failed by school as well as home as school also fails to teach elaborated code.

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