Sociology 1 - Education - The structure of the education system

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The structure of the education system

The education system works in 5 different stages:

1. Pre school (Part time provision for 3-4 year olds)

2. Primary education (Most state primary schools cater for girls and boys aged 5-11)

3. Secondary education (Most state secondary schools cater for students ages 11-15, but some have a sixth form for 16-17/18 year olds.)

4. Further education (For students over 16 years old who have completed compulsory education)

5. Higher education (Universities)

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The structure of the education system

Differnet political parties each have different ideas on how education should be organised. They try to improve educational standards and have introduced reforms to raise standards.

For example, the Education Reform Act 1988 introduce SAT tests for 7, 11 and 14 year olds, as a way of measuring pupils performance against national targets. However, critics argued there was too much formal testing in schools, and they are being abolished.

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