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Education teaches us all the same norms and values. This creates social solidarity and value consensus, ultimately creating social order.

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The role of meritocracy:

1. Role allocation

2. Social order

The most talented can rise to the top (social mobility).

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Davis and Moore

The primary role of education is to promote meritocracy. Creates a fair division of labour where roles are given out due to ability. This motivates society.

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Principle of difference.

Principle of mobility.

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Principle of Difference

People acknowledge the existence of differentiation in merit, talent, and aptitude. Have to accept the natural hierarchy, allowing the system to match most capable to most challenging.

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Principle of Mobility

Competitive selection process enables people to rise and fall along with their accomplishments and failures.

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Wilkinson and Pickett

Everyone in societyis disadvantaged and worse off when there is inequality.

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