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family notes

nuclear family - a simple family made up of (mum, dad, boy, girl)

reconstituted family - having a step dad or a step mum ( or a step child)

bean pople family - straight small tree (mum and dad have a baby, he has a son, he has a son and so on)

empty nest family - stag in a family's cycle where the children have grown up and the mum and dad are alone.

extended family - everyone in your whole family

lone parents - mother or father on their own

same sex -  a man and a man. woman and a woman

neo--conventional family - married or co-habiting couple both working

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more family infomation

co-habiting family - you have someone staying with you in your home

family diversity - meaning many different family types (nuclear, same sex...)

matrifocal family - run by the mother

invisible work - work that people don't usally notice but without it they would notice until it is done.

household - alll the people living in the same house

triple shift - looking after children, pets and house work.

bread winner - traditionally men bring home the money to live on

divorce - when a couple loved each other and they split up

marriage - when a couple go through a ceromony and announce there love for each other and become combined.

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more info for family

domestic violence - traditionally a man becomes aggresive to the woman.

culture - what different people believe in

communes - a small community whose members share ownership of property and labour

co-housing - people sharing a house

stereotypical - a way that everyone thinks certain people look or have objections against them

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