Social Influence - Social Change


Social Influence - Social Change

Behavioural Charecteristics of the Minority

Consistency: Research (Moscovici) shows that consistency is the most important behavioural characteristic for the minority to show in order to influence the majority.The minority can show this by always sticking to the same ideas and points without having any doubt in their own minds. An example of consistency was when the Rosa Parks boycott lasted 381 days without anyone giving in or changing their minds.

Commitment: Moscovici also suggested it is important for the minority to show commitment to win over the majority. The minority can do this by showing great passion for the cause. An example of this was when Emily Davison from the suffragette movement was willing to give her life in order to secure the women's vote.

Flexibility: Another key characteristic noted is flexibility which shows that you're willing to see the bigger picture and look at it from the other points of view. An example of this is when the Suffragettes put their campaign on hold over WWI for the sake of the nation. This also proved to be the turning point for the suffragettes.

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