Social Influence

These cards are for Social Influence, including conformity, obdience, why, independant behaviour and minority influence.

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Kelman's Types of Conformity;

  • Compliance
  • Identification
  • Internalisation

Why do people conform? Deutsch and Gerard

  • Normative Social Influence
  • Informational Social Influence
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Conformity Research;

Sheriff - Autokinetic Light Effect

Asch - Line Length

Crutchfield - Faceless Conformity

Perrin and Spencer - Line Length and Brits (culture and status)

Nicholson - US v UK Line Length (culture and time)

Neto - Portuguese females and line length (culture)

Smith and Bond - Line Length and Collectivist v Individualistic

Zimbardo - Conforming to Social Roles

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Why do people obey?

  • Legitimate Authority
  • Gradual Commitment
  • Contractual Obligation
  • Altering the meaning of the situation
  • The agentic shift
  • Buffers
  • Personality Factors
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Obdience Research;

Milgram - Electric Shocks

Hofling - Fake Doctors and Unknown Drug

Rank and Jacobson - Fake Doctors and Valium

Bickman - Uniforms and New York Litter

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Independant Behaviour Research;

Kohlberg - Moral Reasoning

Shurz - Ultrasound Burns / Milgram Replication

Perrin and Spencer - High levels of confidence in Milgram experiment

Blass - Compared results on replications of Milgram

Kilham and Mann - Australian Obdience (Milgram)

Sistrunk and McDavid - Masculine and Feminine Items

Eagly - Less Confident Women

Smith and Bond - Line Length and Collectivist vs Indidualistic

Moscovici - Minority Influence (green sildes, when they were all blue)

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Key Mnemonics

Why do people obey? BAD PA
Buffers, Agentic State, Dehuminisation, Personality, Authority seen as legitimate

Why do people disobey? R MEDS
Reactance, Model Dosobdient, Empathy, Disscussion Time, Status and Motives

Why do people resist conformity? PIMS
Prior Commetment, Individualisation, Maintain Control, Social Support and Thinking Time

Why do poeple conform to a Minority? SICC
Socail Crytoamnesia, Indentification with the Miniroty Group, Consistent Minority, Current Attitudes

Research Implications for Social Change - GG FEET
Good people can do bad things, guidelines are necessary, Foot-in-the-door, Empathy, Enlightenment Effect, Training to Resist

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