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Social change - minority influence

Social change occurs when a society as a whole adopts a new belief or way of behaving which then becomes widely accepted as the norm.

Majority influence leads to compliance and Minority influence leads to internalisation.

Minority influence occurs by having 3 behavioural styles:

Consistency -Indiviguals in a minority must maintain the same belief or atitude over time. By being consistent, the minority is harder for the majority to ignore.

Confidence- Confidence sends a message to the majority that the position is a serious one,which is not going to go away.This means the minority view will demand attention and respect from the majority.

Persuasiveness - A minority group needs to be persuasive to attract others over to its position.

The snowball effect - the minority becomes the majoirty

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Examples of Minority influence:

The suffragette movement of the 1920's campaigned against all odds to bring women to vote in the majority of britain, gaining the same rights as men.

Terrorism might be considered a from of social change through the process of minority influence.

Figures who have influenced social change:


-Martin Luther King

-Rosa Parks


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